Saturday, October 3, 2009

House at Mayfield Park

Mayfield Park is located right in the heart of Austin. It once was a weekend retreat for the Mayfield- Gutsch family. The estate was presented by Mary Mayfield Gutsch to the city of Austin in 1971 and has been enjoyed by Austinite families ever since. It has two acres of beautiful towering palms, water lily ponds and brilliant peacocks roam the grounds. Also there are 21 acres of walking trails and wildlife habitat. I can only imagine the wonderful times a family would have had in this setting. What a generous gift to our city.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Window at Laguna Gloria

Laguna Gloria is a restored 1916 Italian style villa that was once the home of the Texas legend, Clara Driscoll. The building overlooks Lake Austin and is a very imposing structure. It now houses an art museum and an art school. I initially intended to paint the whole building. However, while walking around the lovely grounds, I was taken with this arched cut glass window and decided on a more intimate view of the structure. It is a fun place to paint and I plan to return there often.